I am KRAY.

I am one of the early members to join the SRC and have remained an active participant in events since I joined.

When I’m not regularly racing in GRID, I help organise and host events for the SRC.

As a Mod of the SRC, I help provide a safe and clean environment on the server for our 400+ members.

I also produce promotional content for the community including branding, events posters and videos to add a little magic to the event announcements.

As a long standing GRID player with over 1000 hours played so far, I have come to know many tips, tricks and advice for different cars and tracks to make people a cleaner and faster racer. - I’m always happy to offer help where required.

Most importantly I hope all our members enjoy what the SRC has to offer, with the ultimate aim of having fun whilst feeling welcome in a friendly and safe environment.

See you on the track!

“Let’s Go!”