Required Car
Subaru Impreza WRX Tomei Cusco

Lets kick off June with a BANG!

I’ve been away from the SRC for a few months and have now returned, i had a few ideas for Tournaments before i left and one of them is now upon us.

The idea came to me as i love this car both in real life and in the GRID game, It’s a fast car yet can be controlled quite well with some practice so for any newcomers it can let them experience high speed racing while staying on the track HaHa!!

The car of choice is the Subaru Impreza WRX Tomei Cusco

The tournament is over 4 Stages with a small twist at the end.

Drivers will be asked to confirm their intent to race in discord, in order to give hosts time to prepare.

Invites will be sent at 19:15 UTC and we will start exactly at 19:30.

See you on track! ✌️

General Info

Hot Lap Qualifying
On (excluding Stage 4)
Return to Skirmish
Between GP and City tracks to allow for set-up changes
Vehicle Damage
Terminal Damage
Points System
In-game points system used with additional points for Attendance,fastest lap,Pole & Podium

TD is turned on in an effort to promote clean racing expected in SRC events. Rules & etiquette can be viewed here: