A themed series of individual race events, showcasing cars from some of the fastest car classes. The top speeds obtained by these cars, will have you moving a bajillion feet per second; so Don’t Blink!

Each race day will have a specified car for us to explore and compete with. These untamed beasts will surely provide chaotic moments; we will need to do our best to keep them under control.

Sticking with the format of our last couple series. 3 races per event, about an hour long, reversed grids etc.

Weekly individual events. No series championship points. Drop in for one raceday, or come play all 4 events as you wish.

Up to 16 drivers.

Drivers will be asked to confirm their intent in discord to race each week, by Tuesday afternoon, for races on the following Wednesday evening, in order to give hosts time to prepare team rosters.


Each race day will feature a specified car. 2 locations, for 3 races.

No Qualifying. Reversed Grids.

Each race will be 15 minutes each; lots of time to show off your clean driving abilities, as the field sorts itself each race.