The much loved, fun, no rules, crazy event makes a return after a very long absence from the race calendar!

For players who don’t know what this is, Crashday is the event for all SRC members who play GRID to let loose, go crazy and have fun in fast world time attack cars on very short city circuits for up to 40 players.

The only event where dirty racing and deliberate crashing is fully encouraged and expected! If you’re not crashing into the car next to you, then you’re racing too clean! Smash everyone so hard they get Terminal Damage!

This is one of the most favourite and highly anticipated events amongst many SRC members, sign up in the discord to secure your space, up to 40 players!

Expect to receive broken steering, broken wheels, broken engines and broken dreams. Try to survive the madness! 🏴‍☠️

Single/Time Attack/40 Players
Hot Lap Qualifying
Return To Skirmish
Vehicle Damage
Terminal Damage
Points System
In-game points system used
Required Car
You can pick any car you want from the World Time Attack class. The choice is yours!

Race Schedule

All tracks will be on a time-based format of 10 minutes per round.

Fountain Loop
El Capitolio
Pont De LAlma
The Oriental Peal
San Francisco
Short Circuit B